• Hearing Protection
  • Wireless Intercom
  • Situational Awareness


COMM-SET: Protection That Communicates

  • On-the-go
  • In hazardous environments
  • 100% autonomous

Hearing protection often means the complete isolation from one’s surrounding. Not anymore.

Cardo Crew’s Comm-Set is a smart-hearing protection device that provides the most advanced wireless communication technology, paired with the highest standard of hearing protection. Ergonomically designed, it changes the way teams on the go interact by introducing a fluid and always-on form of group communication.

Comm-Set is driven by Cardo’s proprietary Dynamic Mesh Communication (DMC™) technology. Installed inside more than a million communication devices, DMC is both highly reliable and exceptionally capable. Packing Bluetooth and wireless networks, Comm-Set offers robust communication, supporting a large number of users in a single ad-hoc and 100% autonomous network.

Ideal for industries such as construction, forestry, industrial, and utility.

What Makes Comm-Set A Game-Changer

Dynamic Mesh Communication

Situational Awareness

Bluetooth Connectivity

FM Radio

100% Autonomous

Hands-free Operation


See How Comm-Set Connects Teams
Like No Other on the Market

See Which Industries Comm-Set Transforms

Comm-Set is the ideal communication solution for professional crews on the go.

It provides the most advanced, user friendly, and reliable communication available and was designed specifically to facilitate teamwork in challenging environments.


Close and instant team communication. No more shouting and hand waving. With Comm-Set 2 to 15 team members can keep in constant contact on large construction sites, despite the noise.

Stay safer and concentrate on your task, instead of fumbling with buttons. Natural Voice Operation ensures performance accuracy and peace of mind.

Free to roam in warehouses and factories without infrastructure hassles. Autonomous, robust team communications – no base station needed. FM radio and music streaming provide entertainment to make working more enjoyable.

Coordinate complex tasks with your team members at ease, no matter the circumstances. Comm-Set is fully waterproof and will last the whole day.

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