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What technology does Cardo Crew use for its intercom system?

The Comm-Set is powered by Dynamic Mesh Communication (DMC™). DMC is a proprietary technology that provides wireless mesh connectivity for two – 15 users. It can be set up within seconds, does not require internet connectivity or cellular coverage and automatically reconnects units that went out of range. The more users are in a group, the larger the transmission area will be.

How many users can be connected at once?

The system can support up to 15 users at the same time. Each user can speak to everyone at the same time, similar to a standard conference call.

What is the maximum range that the Comm-Set will cover?

Range is impacted by the environment, the various objects in it and the number of users in a group (the more users, the larger the range). A forest environment for example will allow for different ranges than a desert environment, production facility or an urban area. However, in an open and flat terrain with six or more units connected the range is approximately two miles or three kilometers.

What is the Comm-Set’s operating time?

Comm-Set is designed to last a complete shift. Just charge the unit at the beginning of the day and it will last throughout the whole day. The headset has a battery LED that will turn red, indicating low battery and that charging is needed. The system will also provide a voice notification for low battery as a safety feature.

Does the Comm-Set need to be connected to any type of infrastructure such as a base station or a central communications hub?

The Comm-Set is a 100% autonomous ad-hoc system with no need to be connected to a base station. It is an “off-network” intercom system that can operate anywhere, even in remote areas.

What is so unique about this intercom solution?

Unlike many other wireless technologies, the Cardo Crew’s mesh network is designed to allow users to move around freely while staying connected. The intercom network contains self-healing capabilities, so it reacts to changes in a group member’s location, objects in the environment, and other interferences that exist in the network area. Additionally, setting up only needs to be done once – the system will connect units automatically after that.

What is the main difference between mesh networking and Bluetooth communication?

With Bluetooth you can connect a limited number of units, with 4 being the practical limit and is based on a “daisy chain” network topology in which one unit is connected to another in a straight line. If the connection between two units breaks down due to range or a drained battery, the Bluetooth network as a whole collapses and all users on the chain will lose connection. With Mesh all units in the network are connected to multiple users at the same time, meaning that one loose link will not affect the rest of the group. In other words, DMC is designed with smart recovery capabilities by using alternative routing connections to keep the network connected.

How do I operate and configure my headset?

There are several ways to do so:

•          Headset Buttons

•          Voice activation – fully hands-free

•          Mobile App

•          Desktop configuration tool

How long does it take for the system to start?

As soon as the Comm-Set is powered on, the system begins scanning the area. If a Headset from the same intercom network is detected, connectivity is established instantly.

How easy is it to establish an intercom network?

Very easy! The process to establish a network requires just a push of a button and can be done in a few seconds. After setting up a network once, you will be up and running for the next day, week or even year. Set-up can also be done through our mobile app PROmesh.

What happens if a network with ten members splits into two or more sub-networks?

The powerful technology in the Comm-Set allows the group to split into sub-groups instantly if needed so each group can maintain communication. Once the sub-groups are back again within the same range, the system will re-join the original ten members of the network.

What helmets is Comm-Set’s hardhat mount compatible with?

3M G3000  and 3M H700; JSP EVO3 and JSP Evolite; Honeywell A79 and A69; MSA V-Gard and SMOOTHDOM

Is there a private chat option for the Comm-Set?

Yes. One way is through our free Cardo PROmesh mobile application it is easy to start a private chat with anyone in your network. Select the name you want to start a chat with, and you are ready to go. Alternatively, you can start a private chat via the buttons on your Headset – simply follow the instructional manual.

Is there an option to mute the system?

Yes, you can mute the system and will not be hearing the communication of the intercom network.

What happens if unit number 16 tries to connect?

As the Comm-Set can connect up to 15 users, the 16th user will not be able to connect.

Can I become a member in multiple intercom networks at the same time?

You can register your unit to multiple intercom networks, but you can only be active in one.

Can I connect two networks of 15 members together?

Yes, the system supports a bridging capability which can connect two remote groups to a single intercom network (for up to 30 users) via a cellular network. Keep in mind that in this case the quality of the connection is subject to the cellular network coverage and quality provided in your location.

Can I connect my 2-way radio (Land Mobile Radio) to my Comm-Set unit?

We developed an interface that allows connectivity between your walkie-talkie and your Comm-Set unit. The user can initiate a 2-way radio communication using a dedicated button on the Comm-Set shell.

How do you charge the Comm-Set?

The Comm-Set comes with a USB-C connector. You can charge it using a standard USB-C cable attached to your laptop or wall charger. Time to full charge is about three hours. The Power LED will turn green when fully charged.

Precaution: When you plug the headset to the power source, it will power off. You can power it back on while charging and re-join the group instantly.

Is the Comm-Set IP rated?

Yes. The Comm-Set is rated IP54:

•          Dust protection

•          Splash resistance

What is the Level Dependent Microphone used for?

Using the Comm-Set will isolate you from your surroundings. This can be dangerous in some cases where you need to be aware of close hazards. The Comm-Set is equipped with two tactical microphones (one on each side) to let some of the ambient noise through. Once the ambient noise gets too loud, the system cuts off the ambient noise to a certain level allowed by regulations. At the same time, the system will amplify low ambient noise making sure you do not need to remove your Headset to hear important sounds such as warning signals.

You can control the ambient noise volume level according to your preference.

What is the Self Hearing feature?

When using the Comm-Set in very noisy environment, it is sometimes difficult to hear yourself and to know whether you can be heard over the intercom. When the self-hearing feature is enabled, you can hear yourself talking through your own speakers, indicating that your crew members can hear you as well.

You can control the self-hearing volume level according to your preference.

Can Level Dependent and Self Hearing be activated at the same time?

No, only one of them will work at any given moment.

How long has Cardo Systems been using this intercom capability in its products?

Cardo Systems pioneered the wireless communication market with state-of-the-art Bluetooth® based communication systems in 2004 and introduced its wireless mesh intercom solution in 2015. Since then, we have gained over 600,000 users.

Comm-Set – Hearing Protection Certifications

PPE (Personal Protection Equipment)


  • Europe -EN352
  • EN352-1: Hearing protectors – Earmuffs
  • EN352-3: Hearing protectors – Earmuffs attached to a safety helmet
  • EN352-4: Hearing protectors – Level Dependent Earmuffs
  • EN352-6: Hearing protectors – Earmuffs with Electrical Audio Input
  • EN352-8: Hearing protectors – Entertainment Radio/Audio Earmuffs


  • USA -ANSI S3. 19-1974 –
  • Canada – CSA
  • Australia/NZ – AS/NZS1270:2002

Communication Certifications

  • Europe – CE (RED)
  • USA – FCC (part 15)
  • Canada – IC
  • AUS/NZ comm

Other Certifications

  • US/EU Safety – UL/EN 62368-1
  • Global – BQB ( Bluetooth )
  • Global – UN38.3 (battery air shipment)