The CREW Headset is a communication device that provides the most advanced wireless communication technology in the market today. Ergonomically designed, it changes the way teams on the go interact by introducing a fluid and always-on form of group communication.

The CREW Headset is driven by Cardo’s proprietary Dynamic Mesh Communication (DMC™) technology. Installed inside more than a million communication devices in the market today, DMC is both highly reliable and exceptionally capable. Packing Bluetooth and Mesh networks, the CREW Headset offers robust and critical voice-communications, supporting a large number of users in a single ad-hoc and 100% autonomous network. 

The CREW Headset is ideal for industries such as construction, transportation, first responders, industrial, work at height, and hospitality. 

When team communication is critical, the Crew Headset is the clear solution. 


Android and iOS App support makes device configuration and operation easy.

See How Headset Connects Your Team Like No Other in the Market

Wireless Mesh-based Intercom Solution by Cardo Crew

Cardo Crew PRO-1 Safety Features

Cardo Crew PRO-1 Connecting Networks

Built By The Experts of Cardo Systems

Cardo Crew Headset is designed by the communication experts at Cardo Systems, with millions of communication devices sold to date. Cardo Systems pioneered Dynamic Mesh Communications for motorcycle helmets, winning almost every conceivable industry award since – including Best Communicator for 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020. Now with PRO-1, Cardo Systems is introducing a new standard in communication for the personal protective market.

Designing Innovative Protective Gear with Crew Headset

Headset embedded modules provide advanced communication technology to users in demanding and hazardous environments.

Contact us to begin designing Cardo Crew Headset into:

  • Helmets: Protective helmets for fire, police, construction and more
  • Standalone terminals: Logging industry, military, construction
  • Earmuffs: Construction, airport ground crews, and more





What technology does Cardo Crew use for the Intercom system?
The Cardo Crew PRO-1 is powered by Dynamic Mesh Communication (DMCTM). DMC is a proprietary technology that provides wireless connectivity between several PRO-1 units.

How long has Cardo Systems been using this intercom capability in its products?
Cardo Systems pioneered the market with state-of-the-art Bluetooth® based communication systems in 2004, and now has over 500,000 customers using our intercom solution daily.

What is so unique about this intercom solution?
Unlike many other wireless technologies, the Cardo Crew mesh network is designed to allow users to move around with peace of mind while DMC keeps them connected. The intercom network contains self- healing capabilities, so it reacts to changes in the PRO-1 unit’s location, objects in the environment, and other interferences that exist in the network area.

Does the Cardo Crew PRO-1 need to be connected to any type of infrastructure such as a base station or a central communications hub?
Cardo Crew PRO-1 is a 100% autonomous ad-hoc system with no need to be connected to a base station. It’s an “off-network” intercom system that can operate anywhere, even in remote areas.

What is the main difference between mesh networking and Bluetooth communication?
Bluetooth can be used to connect several units together however it is based on a “daisy chain” network topology in which one unit is connected to another unit in a line at the same time. If the connectivity between two units “breaks” due to range or a drained battery, the Bluetooth network collapses and all users on the chain will lose their connection. Mesh is like a “spaghetti” where the PRO-1 units in the network are always connected to multiple users at the same time. In other words, DMC is designed with smart recovery capabilities by using alternative routing connections to keep the network connected.

What is the maximum range the Cardo Crew PRO-1 will cover?
Range is impacted by the environment and the various objects in the environment. For instance, a forest environment is different than a desert environment, production facility or an urban area. The range will differ depending on the environment, however in an open flat terrain with 10 or more units connected the range is approximately 10,000 feet or 3 kilometers.

Is it complicated to establish an intercom network?
Not at all. There is a simple grouping process to create a network on the spot, and then users are up and running.

How long does it take for the system to start up?
As soon as the PRO-1 is powered on, the system begins scanning the area. If a PRO-1 from the same intercom network is detected, the connectivity is made instantly.

What happens if a network with ten members splits into two or more sub-networks?
The powerful technology in PRO-1 allows the group to split into sub-groups if needed so each group can maintain communication. Once the sub-groups are back again within the same range, the system will reestablish the original ten members of the network.

Is the ability to have a private chat available with the Cardo Crew PRO-1?
Yes, the free Cardo PROmesh mobile app provides an easy way to have a private chat with anyone on your network. The mobile app indicates each person you’re connected to and with a press of a button you can start a private chat with anyone on your network.

Is there an option to mute the system?
Yes, you can mute the system in order to stop hearing the communication on the intercom network.

How many users can be connected at once?
The system can support up-to 15 users at the same time. Each user can speak to everyone at the same time, similar to a standard conference call.

What happens if unit number 16 tries to connect?
As Cardo Crew PRO-1 can connect up to 15 users, the 16th user will not be able to connect.

Can I become a member in multiple intercom networks at the same time?
You can register your unit to multiple intercom networks, but you can only be active in one network.

Can I connect two networks of 15 members together?
Yes, Cardo Systems developed a bridging capability which can connect two remote groups to a single intercom network (for up to 30 users) via a cellular network.

Can I connect my 2-way radio (Land Mobile Radio) to my PRO-1 unit?
Cardo Systems developed an interface that allows connectivity between your walkie-talkie and your PRO- 1 unit. The user can decide to share walkie-talkie communication with his connected intercom members.


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Cardo Crew Headset is the ideal communication solution for professional crews on the go.

When communication is critical, Crew Headset provides the most advanced communication available in the market today. Crew Headset was designed specifically for team communication in challenging environments in all kinds of industries.


Close and instant team communication. No more shouting and hand waving. With Crew Headset , up to 15 team members can keep in constant contact on large construction sites, despite the construction noise. See how we do it!


When working in noisy environments such as at airports, on roads or near trains, teams need to communicate over environmental noise. Crew Headset embedded in earmuffs provides crystal clear communication while filtering out background noise.

First Responders

Firefighters, Police, Security, Military, Maritime: Reliable, tactical-team communications no matter the circumstances. Crew Headset inside helmets provides instant, hands-free group communication under the toughest and most demanding environments. Our Safety Features explained in 90 seconds.


Free to roam in warehouses and factories without infrastructure hassles. Autonomous, robust team communications – no base station needed. An FM radio and music streaming provide entertainment to make working more enjoyable.

Work at Height

Stay safer and concentrate on your task, instead of fumbling with buttons. Natural Voice Operation in Crew Headset ensures performance accuracy and peace of mind.


For restaurants, hotels and fast food drive-thrus, never miss an order. Teams function efficiently when everyone is communicating. Learn why Mesh Communication is the most effective way of connecting working teams.

About Cardo Systems

Cardo Systems pioneered Bluetooth wireless communication devices for motorcycle riders in 2004.

Through our groundbreaking technology and innovation, Cardo excelled in this market with industry firsts such as longer-range communication, Dynamic Mesh Communication and Natural Voice Operation.

Drawing on this rich history of innovation, Cardo Crew brings a new breed of communication to where communication is critical. Our Crew Headset communication module is designed for PPE manufacturers to introduce  advanced communication capabilities in their safety helmets, earmuffs and other protective gear.

When group communication is critical, design your gear with Cardo Crew communication technology.

Contact us to learn more about how Cardo Crew Headset is re-defining safety in personal protective equipment.

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