Cardo Crew: Wireless Mesh Intercom for Professional Crews

The Ideal Wireless Intercom Solution

Cardo Crew’s Comm-Set is a communication device that provides the most advanced wireless communication technology in the market today. Ergonomically designed, it changes the way teams on the go interact by introducing a fluid and always-on form of group communication.

Comm-Set is driven by Cardo’s proprietary Dynamic Mesh Communication (DMC™) technology. Installed inside more than a million communication devices in the market today, DMC is both highly reliable and exceptionally capable. Packing Bluetooth and wireless networks, the CREW Comm-Set offers robust and critical voice-communications, supporting a large number of users in a single ad-hoc and 100% autonomous network. 

The Comm-Set is ideal for industries such as construction, transportation, first responders, industrial, work at height, and hospitality. 

When team communication is critical, Comm-Set is the clear solution. 


Android and iOS App support makes device configuration and operation easy.

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Comm-Set | Smart Hearing Protection for Teams-on-the-go

Built By The Experts of Cardo Systems

Comm-Set is designed by the communication experts at Cardo Systems, with millions of communication devices sold to date. Cardo Systems pioneered Dynamic Mesh Communications for motorcycle helmets, winning almost every conceivable industry award since – including Best Communicator for 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020. Now with Crew Comm-Set, Cardo Systems is introducing a new standard in communication for the personal protective market.


Cardo Crew is the ideal communication solution for professional crews on the go.

When communication is critical, Crew Comm-Set provides the most advanced communication available in the market today. Crew Comm-Set was designed specifically for team communication in challenging environments in all kinds of industries.


Close and instant team communication. No more shouting and hand waving. With Comm-Set, up to 15 team members can keep in constant contact on large construction sites, despite the construction noise. See how we do it!

Ground Support

When working in noisy environments such as at airports, on roads or near trains, teams need to communicate over environmental noise. Comm-Set provides crystal clear communication while filtering out background noise.

Utility Workers

Reliable team communications no matter the circumstances. Comm-Set provides instant, hands-free group communication under the toughest and most demanding environments. Our Safety Features explained in 90 seconds.


Free to roam in warehouses and factories without infrastructure hassles. Autonomous, robust team communications – no base station needed. An FM radio and music streaming provide entertainment to make working more enjoyable.

Work at Height

Stay safer and concentrate on your task, instead of fumbling with buttons. Natural Voice Operation in Comm-Set ensures performance accuracy and peace of mind.


Protect yourself against loud chainsaw noise while staying connected to your crew. Comm-Set facilitates teamwork and keep workers safe.

Cardo Systems - Mesh Intercom

About Cardo Systems

Cardo Systems pioneered Bluetooth wireless communication devices for motorcycle riders in 2004.

Through our groundbreaking technology and innovation, Cardo excelled in this market with industry firsts such as longer-range communication, Dynamic Mesh Communication and Natural Voice Operation.

Drawing on this rich history of innovation, Cardo Crew brings a new breed of communication to where communication is critical. Our Crew Comm-Set communication device is designed for PPE manufacturers to introduce advanced communication capabilities in their product offering.

When group communication is critical, the Crew Comm-Set is the clear solution.

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